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About KSCY17

2021.10.12 (Tue)

Online Application

2021.10.12 (Tue)

Submission of Research

Due 2022.01.04

Announcement of Acceptance

2022.01.10 (Mon)

First Day of the Conference

2022.01.17 (Mon)

Final Day of the Conference

2022.01.30 (Sun)



About Tracks


Research Paper Presentation Track

Research Paper

This is a track in which you can

present your research paper.


Participation Benefits


Excellent Youth Scholars Award is awarded to all successful participants who certified to our screening and research ethics verification.

Access to Research Paper Database

You can access to all research papers previously presented at KSCY.

Wide Range of Academic Interaction

Around 3,000 young scholars from multifarious countries gather at KSCY. Improve your research through academic interactions.

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